Jose cites his parents, wife, daughter and close friends who have supported him emotionally and physically. "Every action causes a reaction," says Jose, "and if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be as successful as I am today, and ironically, if it weren't for me being in a wheelchair, I probably would have gone down a different avenue, not involving art."

Jose says that the other half of what got him where he's at was the large amount of time and effort that he invested into becoming the artist that he is now. Practicing and learning techniques from other artists and then applying his own twist to those techniques are what led him to where he's at now as an artist. With that said, Jose says that he's not afraid of competition because we can all learn from each other. "Competition is what drives us to do better anyways, but it's best to always remain open-minded because that will bring out your creativity."

By the looks of it, Jose mastered it! His oil paintings have become very popular among art lovers and many people have asked him to sell various pieces of art. Jose says that it really is hard to name a price when you consider the amounts of time that he's invested, much of which was away from his family, not only on the particular artwork itself, but getting to where he's at now as an artist.

Admiringly, other plans are in the work for Jose, like a website for his shop and a clothing line featuring his artwork. The clothing line, called LRW, will be available soon and has already stirred up attention in Japan. Believe it or not, Jose has already begun building a fan base in Japan, where they just love his tattoos and oil paintings!Jose says that he "wants the world," but he knows that it's going to take a lot more time and work to get that. He says humbly, "I hope for the best and expect nothing."